You can earn more than you ever needed.

We all have to be warned against vulnerable and belated believers that we need to warn them not to cling to this charming motto that "you can earn more money than you ever needed, you no longer need to collect donations. Had to stop begging and go to the market for selling to your own institution. " Such seductive sentences are charismatic for charities who have a good understanding of the harsh responsibilities of recruiting volunteers, determining the future of work, managing campaigns, and asking for money. In their view, digital marketing and SEO, site marketing and digital marketing services are much easier and more convenient than fundraising. It is our human duty to constantly remind them that fundraising does not have any correspondence and convenience, and if you want to succeed in this way, you must make a determination. When you decide to sell the services of a supplier to your charity, be sure to insure the supplier to answer the following questions;

1 What are our total costs? Specify the full cost and the full description of each of the costs that we are paying for at the beginning.

2 After selling the items we agreed on, how much will our net profit be?

3 Should we buy all the goods in one place? There is a possibility to return the goods, in which case should we pay a re-charge or pay back the full amount to our account? There is a time limit for posting goods?

4 If we sell the goods safely, we will consider limitation or fines for the restoration of the goods? There is a time limit for returning goods?

5 Which party will be responsible for paying for transportation costs?